6 Ways To Tap Into Your Inner Leo For August’s Only New Moon



And…motion! On Tuesday, August 18, 2020, at 10:41 p.m. EDT, the 2020 Leo new moon rolls out the crimson carpet for creativity and show-stopping strikes.

Passionate Leo is in the home, as the new moon powers up this adventurous, action-oriented hearth signal on August 18, 2020. When the cosmic jungle ruler takes cost, confidence soars, and we’re able to prowl for brand spanking new and entertaining choices.

With the 2020 Leo new moon buoying everybody’s romanticism, there’s energy in constructive pondering. Yes, that will sound simplistic throughout this difficult 12 months. But see what occurs when you flip your focus towards synergy, spark, and alternative. Park your interior cynic within the timeout chair for in the future. A curious perspective and willingness to experiment may blow the roof off your restricted beliefs.

Leo can be the ruler of the guts and backbone. At a time when the world is endlessly crammed with political unrest and bravado, it is time for some true heroes to emerge—with loads of “backbone” and a complete lot of affection. If you are feeling a name to management, the 2020 Leo new moon is sort of a launchpad to your chosen throne. Here are six transformative ideas for profiting from the 2020 Leo new moon:


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