A Beginner’s Guide To The 12 Houses Of The Horoscope



The birth chart is sort of a snapshot of the sky from our vantage level on earth, taken on the precise second you had been born. This chart is split into twelve segments, also referred to as the homes. The homes are the place the motion within the “movie of your life” takes place.

Each home of your chart is dominated by a distinct signal, relying in your time, date, and placement of start. This rulership is decided by which zodiac signal the cusp, or starting level of a home, is intersecting with on the wheel (that’s a bit superior, so don’t fear about this one an excessive amount of!). Just know this: The homes are primarily what grounds astrology in earthly issues, as every one is related to sure areas of life, equivalent to profession, residence and relationships.

The zodiac wheel begins with the primary home, which represents the place the solar was rising over the japanese horizon at your second of start and governs the self, the identification, and your first impression. The homes then transfer counterclockwise across the zodiacal wheel and ripple out to broader themes of household/residence life, society, and past.

As the planets make their journey across the solar (and thru our zodiac), they look like transferring by the homes. For occasion, if Venus, the planet of affection was transferring by Aries at your time of start and occurs to be in your 1st home of individuality, subjects of self-love and confidence might come up repeatedly in your lifetime. Astrologers make chart interpretations based mostly on the planets, indicators, and homes in your chart.

The first six homes are generally known as the “personal houses” as a result of they govern themes of day by day life, group and household, whereas the final six homes are thought of “interpersonal houses” since they rule experiences equivalent to relationships, journey, profession and friendships.


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