A Calorie is a Calorie, Really ?



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For a few years, I believed that I can drop some pounds by consuming lesser energy than my physique can burn. I believed its all about calorie calculation. I admit I used to be so flawed! A calorie is NOT a calorie. LOL, you could be pondering that make money working from home and Corona lockdown has affected my logic. Yes, I actually imply it after I ask that query, “A Calorie is a Calorie, Really?” To make my level clear let me say in a simplified method, “A calorie is not just a calorie but each calorie has a totally different meaning to our body.”

No, A Calorie is not simply a Calorie

Let’s take carbohydrates, fats, and protein in the identical variety of energy. These are certainly equal when it comes to their vitality content material. But they don’t have the identical results on our our bodies. Our physique processes carbohydrate, fats, and protein in a completely different manner, therefore their impact on our physique is completely different. Let’s see how are they completely different –

Our physique processes the meals we devour and it wants the vitality to digest and course of the meals. The quantity of vitality required to metabolize or burn fat, carbs, and protein is completely different. More vitality is required to course of protein than carbs. This signifies that 1000 energy a day from a excessive protein weight loss plan provides fewer energy to the physique than 1000 energy excessive carb weight loss plan. Hence proved :D.

Therefore, 1 calorie from pudding is NOT equal to 1 calorie from fruit.

weighing scaleThe whole calorie counting system is faulty and deceptive. You can by no means drop some pounds by consuming fewer energy however sure, you possibly can drop some pounds by consuming fewer energy from carbohydrates or fat alternatively.

I’m not saying don’t rely energy in any respect. I definitely do rely energy! I rely energy that I’m consuming from fats, carbs, and protein.  I exploit a web-based calorie counting software to ensure I’m consuming in proportion. It helps me to be extra disciplined in my consuming habits. Check out this link about the tool Myfitnesspal…..

The refined carbs get digested quickly and trigger excessive blood sugar. They make us hungrier quickly and we crave and find yourself consuming extra carbs. It’s a by no means-ending vicious circle.

So now, what to do?

  • Eat extra energy from fats. Fats like pure ghee can be utilized with meals to maintain us full in order that we don’t crave prior to traditional time.
  • Eat extra energy from protein; it helps our physique in innumerable methods to construct muscle tissues.
  • Go for entire carbohydrates as a substitute of refined ones.
  • Do we have to repeat one of the best mantra to regulate energy….. Stay away from every kind of sugars. Read our publish on kinds of sugars here…

Do share with us in case you agree with me about all energy not being equal ones.

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