A Healthy Quiche Recipe With An Immune-Supporting Ingredient



While most individuals would serve fruit on the facet of their quiche, this one sneaks them into it, with out compromising the savory taste of the egg bake.

The veggies+ powder incorporates an antioxidant fruit mix, with a variety of berries, acerola cherries, black currant, and acai. These vitamin C wealthy fruits assist help immune functioning, which is crucial throughout COVID-19 and the transition into fall (aka chilly and flu season).* 

The immune-enhancing advantages don’t cease there, although. The mix additionally incorporates cruciferous vegetables, like kale, inexperienced cabbage, and broccoli. These inexperienced leafy greens are loaded with fiber to help intestine well being, which in flip supports immunity.*

The mix additionally incorporates ginger and turmeric, which have been proven to assist preserve immunity against infections and viruses, as a consequence of their anti-inflammatory properties.* 


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