All About Coronavirus, Symptoms And Treatment

All About Coronavirus, Symptoms of Coronavirus, Treatment Of Coronavirus Covid-19- Fit Hut
All About Coronavirus, Symptoms of Coronavirus, Treatment Of Coronavirus Covid-19- Fit Hut

कोरोना वायरस के बारे में सब कुछ जाने, कोरोना वायरस Covid -19 के लक्षण, कोरोना वायरस का इलाज (Coronavirus ke lakshan)

Where did the CORONAVIRUS come from?

The earliest cases of this virus were found in Wuhan city of China. The year 2019 was on the verge of ending, at that time the world came to know about this virus that grew in Wuhan.

It is believed that the virus came from Wuhan’s ‘meat-market’.

The Coronavirus is officially being called Sars-CoV-2. This virus is believed to be very close to the viral that infects bats.

There is also a belief that Coronavirus did not come directly from bats into humans. Between bats and humans, a ‘mysterious creature’ was created.

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There are many types of arguments about this mysterious creature, but nobody can say authentically and to a great extent, the infection will increase further in the coming times.

Symptoms of Coronavirus Covid-19

Symptoms Of Coronavirus - FitHut Fitness | Health

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is characterized by symptoms such as sore throat, cough, and fever. For some people, this disease can be more serious. They may have pneumonia or trouble breathing.
In some cases, the disease can also be fatal. This virus can prove more dangerous for the elderly and people who have other health problems (such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease).

 Infected people may have these symptoms(coronavirus ke lakshan):

  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Difficulty in breathing (in severe cases)

Let’s know in detail

  • Dry cough in the first five days: A person starts having a dry cough within five days of becoming infected with the Coronavirus. With this, the mucus in his lungs starts forming rapidly.
  • High fever: After dry cough, the body temperature of the infected person suddenly starts to rise, due to which he gets high fever.
  • Shortness of breath or shortness of breath: Coronavirus infected person has trouble breathing within the first five days of infection. If we talk of aged people, then the problem of breathlessness has been seen in them.
  • Body pain: The Coronavirus infected person also has problem of body pain, especially in the joints they have great pain.
  • Exhaustion: A person infected with Coronavirus feels tired quickly. With this, his muscles also start to ache and his body starts breaking.
  • Throat pain: Along with body pain, Coronavirus infected person also has a lot of pain in the throat. This pain is aggravated so much that it comes down to the throat.
  • Runny nose: Although seasonal colds and flu also often cause a runny nose, these symptoms have also been observed in Coronavirus infected persons. So if you have a runny nose then be alert.
  • Changing the taste of the tongue: In Coronavirus infected individuals, it has also been observed that their tongue’s power to recognize the taste flavors is reduced.
  • Ear pressure: Some Coronavirus infected individuals have also reported complaints of feeling like ear pressure.

If you feel any of these symptoms, then be cautious and get yourself tested.

After all, how dangerous is it?

Covid-19 Immunity - FitHut Fitness | Health

As long as we do not know how many cases of infection are there, it is impossible to find out the exact death rate of Covid-19. According to the assessment that is currently being done, one percent of the total people infected with coronovirus are dying.

But if the number of patients in which the symptoms are not clear, then the mortality rate based on it can be reduced.

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What are the possible symptoms besides common symptoms

  • If we talk about the common symptoms of Coronavirus, it causes fever and dry cough. If you see these symptoms on your own then it is possible that you can be positive.
Symptoms of covid-19 - FitHut Fitness | Health
  • Complaints of sore throat, headaches and diarrhea were also found in some cases, after which the test came positive.
  • In recent times, another symptom has been revealed. Many people said that they could not understand the smell of anything. That is, it is also a symptom.
  • But the most important question is whether mild or common cold symptoms such as runny nose and sneezing can also be symptoms of Coronavirus infection? Actually some cases have also come up with these symptoms.
  • According to many researches, it is possible that a person is infected but does not have any symptoms and does not know that he is infected.

In coronavirus symptoms, we get face itching?

Body Itching - FitHut Fitness | Health

So far, something like W.H.O. Has not announced but may body aches.

How are children helping to spread the virus?

So far it is being said that the most vulnerable to Coronavirus is elderly, but this does not mean that it cannot happen to children. Coronavirus infection can also occur in children. However, the infection has been found to be very slow in them and so far the cases of child deaths have also come down worldwide.

Precautions - FitHut Fitness | Health

It cannot be denied that the role of children in the spread of this virus is very important. The biggest reason for this is that children often meet people of different age groups (while playing in parks and playgrounds). In the case of this virus, it is not clear to what level children can spread it.

Will the cases of coronavirus infection decrease when summer comes?

If we talk about the common cold and cold, then it is more in winter and relatively less in summer. But it is not yet known what will cause this virus in summer. Its infection will be reduced or remain the same. Nothing can be said clearly about this.

coronavirus infection decrease when summer comes? - FitHut Fitness | Health

The British government’s Scientific Advisor has warned that it is not yet clear exactly what the weather effect will be on the coronavirus. If it is the same, they think it will be smaller than the cold and cold.

But if there is a sudden decrease in the cases of coronavirus due to heat, then there will also be a fear that in winter, these cases will accelerate. At that time, it will be difficult for hospitals and doctors to deal with it, because during the winter days there are more cases of common flu and other diseases.

After all, how are its symptoms so intense in some people?

Most people have seen very mild signs of Covid-19. At the same time, there are also about 20 percent of people in which its infection was found very acute. but why?

Its entire relationship is related to the human disease immune system. Apart from this, there can be some genetic causes as well.

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How long can immunity compete?

There is no evidence of how durable any disease resistance is against the coronavirus. There are many more speculations in this regard.

Immune System

If an infected person is coping with the virus, it simply means that he has developed his immunity.

But there is also a fact that this virus attack is very new and there is very limited information about it.

As far as the matter of immunity is concerned about what will happen next or not, this is a big and serious question.

Will this virus change?

Viruses keep changing all the time but in most cases, there is no specific change in their genetic code.

You think that the virus will become less deadly as it changes, but there is no guarantee.

Currently, the concern is that if the virus has changed, the immune system will not be able to identify it, and if a vaccine is prepared based on its existing coding, it will not prove to be effective for a long time. (As with flu)

If the Coronavirus symptoms are not very strong then what to do?

If you feel that you have symptoms of Coronavirus Covid-19, then you should immediately check-up in the hospital because the symptoms of Coronavirus are stronger or not, it does not matter if the symptoms are there, then only the doctor can treat Coronavirus Covid-19 Patient, any medicine or home remedy or Ayurvedic medicine has not come.

Is a person develop Coronavirus symptoms even after a month/How long days pass a patient Coronavirus symptoms arise/What time is taken by Coronavirus to show the symptoms in the body??

So far, it has been found in all the researches that the symptoms of Coronavirus come out in 14 days, the person suffering from Coronavirus starts suffering in 14 days.

How many days would take to show symptoms for 1 to 10 years old child?

the person suffering from Coronavirus starts suffering in 14 days.

I have no symptoms of Coronavirus after 21 days of travel history should I still go for the test?

You should consult a doctor once.

Which is the target body part of Coronavirus?

The virus is triggering an imbalance in the immune response, there’s too much inflammation, how it is doing this we don’t know,” said Dr Nathalie MacDermott, from King’s College London. but, Inflammation of the lungs is called pneumonia. If it was possible to travel through your mouth down the windpipe and through the tiny tubes in your lungs, you’d eventually end up in tiny little air sacs. This is where oxygen moves into the blood and carbon dioxide move out, but in pneumonia, the tiny sacs start to fill with water and can eventually cause shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. Some people will need a ventilator to help them breathe. This stage is thought to affect around 14% of people, based on data from China.   Read also:-Pandemic Coronavirus COVID-19 Now Attacked On India!

Critical disease

It is estimated that around 6% of cases become critically ill. By this point, the body is starting to fail and there is a real chance of death. The problem is the immune system is now spiraling out of control and causing damage throughout the body. It can lead to septic shock when the blood pressure drops to dangerously low levels and organs stop working properly or fail completely. Acute respiratory distress syndrome caused by widespread inflammation in the lungs stops the body from getting enough oxygen it needs to survive. It can stop the kidneys from cleaning the blood and damage the lining of your intestines. “The virus sets up such a huge degree of inflammation that you succumb… it becomes multi-organ failure,” Dr. Bharat Pankhania said. And if the immune system cannot get on top of the virus, then it will eventually spread to every corner of the body where it can cause even more damage.

The First Death

Doctors have described how some patients died despite their best efforts. The first two patients to die at Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, China, detailed in the Lancet Medical Journal, were seemingly healthy, although they were long-term smokers and that would have weakened their lungs. The first death of a 61-year-old man had severe pneumonia by the time he arrived at the hospital. He was in acute respiratory distress, and despite being put on a ventilator, his lungs failed and his heart stopped beating. He died 11 days after he was admitted. The second patient, a 69-year-old man, also had acute respiratory distress syndrome. He was attached to an ECMO machine but this wasn’t enough. He died of severe pneumonia and septic shock when his blood pressure collapsed.

How long the Coronavirus inactive on the human body?

Depending on your immune system, your body will remain active, the stronger your immune system, the more you will be able to fight the Coronavirus.

Can Coronavirus not affect vegetarians?

Coronavirus can affect anyone.

If a person having a cough problem only from the last 9 days then is this possible for him to have a disease of Coronavirus?

You should consult a doctor.  

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