Build strong neck muscles, 5 tips for building a massive neck



Aside from going out and buying an already developed neck you can bolt on lol, there are methods you can construct strong neck muscle groups, 5 tips for building a massive neck.

The quest for growing a muscular neck has been revisited by many over time, however principally it comes right down to the identical factor, it takes a lot of onerous work and dedication, simply the identical because it takes to develop some other muscle group.

If building a muscular neck is one thing that you simply need to add to your arsenal of developed physique components, do you spend sufficient time doing particular neck coaching workouts? Or have you ever been anticipating to see a dramatic change in your neck dimension simply from doing barbell curls and benches?

Deadlifts are a nice solution to develop lure and neck energy.

Today we might be diving into 5 totally different tips that you should utilize for growing a muscular neck, whether or not if you’re into onerous core bodybuilding otherwise you merely need to develop a stronger neck for wrestling, these tips ought to get you in your solution to carrying out that aim.


Deadlifts are a power move that a particular person would generally consider doing in the case of growing strong legs and a strong again, however the deadlifts contain rather more than these widespread areas. The deadlifts additionally will develop strong shoulders, traps and neck.

Image of trap muscles being worked in the deadlift.
Trap muscle groups concerned within the deadlift.

There is one thing in regards to the hardiness that comes with choosing up a lifeless weight from the bottom. The identify deadlift itself comes from the literal motion of the transfer which is choosing up a lifeless weight from the ground.

The historical past of the deadlift stems again to Hermann Goerner from 1910- 1920. Herman wasn’t the first to perform the deadlift however he was the primary particular person to carry the deadlift into the highlight. Hermann was no small fry. At a top of six ft tall and practically 300 kilos, Hermann was positively a grasp at what he did.

Now on to how the deadlift can develop a strong neck. When using the deadlift, it really works to increase your neck as you progress your head again. Completing the deadlift whereas utilizing correct kind will strengthen your trapezoids and builds your neck muscle groups.

Wrestlers bridge

The wrestlers Bridge is a widespread train carried out by wrestlers for growing a strong neck however can be utilized for anyone who’s fascinated by building a muscular strong neck.

This train is utilized in wrestling and different grappling sports activities mixed with a twisting movement to dislodge or flip an opponent who has gained a place on prime. The bridge can be a widespread train place. The wrestlers bridge will also be used to dodge pin makes an attempt.

The widespread model of performing the wrestlers bridge is a very efficient means for growing the neck muscle groups, however when performing this train, it may be a little harmful particularly if you’re new to it.

Start by laying in your again elevating your buttocks off the ground, hold your ft roughly shoulder width or barely wider aside, and the highest of your head on the ground.

This train, ‘as demonstrated in the video’, is a nice solution to develop the neck muscle groups, however watch out when performing this train as it may be harmful if you’re not used to it, or in case your neck muscle groups aren’t developed sufficient to assist your weight.

Wrestlers bridge (alternate model)

If you aren’t snug performing the usual model of the wrestlers bridge, you may carry out this alternate model which is much less of a danger when performing.

Start by sitting on the ground in entrance of a chair, place the again of your head on a chair elevating your torso off the ground. Keep the soles of your ft flat on the ground and the again of your head firmly positioned on the seat of the chair.

You can both increase and decrease your self together with your neck muscle groups, or you may maintain your physique weight for so long as you may, maintaining your neck straight. Either means will do a nice job at growing your neck muscle groups and is a a lot safer route than the usual wrestlers bridge train.

Neck raises

Neck raises are an excellent exercise that you can use for singling out targeted areas of your neck. Another benefit of performing neck raises is you may management how a lot weight you might be utilizing.

Other than a few extra weights, all you’ll need is a neck harness that attaches to your head.

In a seated place, you may work the again of your neck by reducing your head ahead after which drawing your head again. To work the entrance of your neck you may both lay in your again on a flat bench or inclined bench and lift your head ahead.

To develop the edges of your neck, you may sit on the finish of a exercise bench, sporting the pinnacle equipment, decrease your head to your proper aspect for a set of 10-12 reps, swap the load to your different aspect and decrease your head to the left and lift your head, this may work the edges of your neck.

If you might be new to energy coaching workouts for the neck muscle groups, that is a good train to start out with earlier than getting concerned in neck coaching workouts that can contain your physique weight just like the wrestlers bridge.

Resistance bands

If you don’t exercise at a health club and have restricted house to coach at dwelling, resistance bands are a great way for coaching your neck muscle groups. Not everybody that has an curiosity in growing a strong neck is fascinated by building a big muscular neck.

Resistance bands are a good solution to strengthen your neck muscle groups, however it’s unlikely that you’ll develop a big neck from going this route.

Using resistance bands are much like working your neck with a head harness, however you don’t want the extra weights and also you don’t want a exercise bench. You can work your whole neck merely sitting in your favourite recliner.


There are different workouts that you should utilize to work the neck muscle groups, or with a little creativeness you may give you an concept or two of your personal, however the record that I’ve coated are a handful of the extra primary workouts for neck coaching.

When coaching your neck, particularly if you’re utilizing extra weight, you will need to bear in mind to heat your neck muscle groups first to forestall from inviting an damage.

When working your neck, this may be a susceptible space, so it’s essential to observe security and by no means bounce the load or attempt to carry heavier than what you may safely deal with.

To take a look at a product overview on supplementation for building that muscular neck, go here.

If you have got any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to drop a message within the field under and I’ll get again to you as quickly as attainable.


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