India’s COVAXIN Vaccine For COVID-19

Covaxin India

Hyderabad based giant pharmaceutical company Bharat Biotechnology announced that on 15th July they began Phase 1 human trials of the vaccine ‘COVAXIN’ across the country.

Covaxin India

The trials are to see if the vaccine is safe and how many doses can be administered. The ICMR has selected 12 medical institutions across India to conduct the clinical trials of COVAXIN.

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Covaxin Vaccine Trial Phase 1 Complete

In Phase 1 the vaccine would be teste’d on 375 volunteers. Phase 2 will have about 750 volunteers.
Chennai’s SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre have started conducting the clinical trials for COVAXIN On 23rd July.

Selected volunteers wer’e given their first dose at Chennai’s SRM Medical College.

The first group of people that were teste’d were between the ages of 18 and 55 years with no comorbidities. Dr. A Sundaram, Dean at SRM Medical College Hospital and Research said,
Those tested in the first phase of human trials in a week’s time they will be called to check how the body is responding to the vaccine and if there are any side-effects the volunteers will have to come for checkups every week for 6 months. The data from the trial will constantly be share’d with the ICMR.

Covaxin shows “encouraging” results in PGIMS Rohtak

The first phase of the Covaxin’s human trial has been complete’d in PGIMS Rohtak. The hospital started the trial on July 17 and around 50 volunteers enrolled for this exercise. “50 people across India administered the vaccine and the results were encouraging,” Dr. Savita Verma, principal investigator of the vaccine trial team, told news agency ANI.

Covaxin Vaccine Trial Phase 1 In Delhi

In Delhi’s AIIMS on 24th July, 5 volunteers wer’e vaccinated in the first phase of human clinical trials. About 3,500 people have registered with the ICMR to take part in the vaccine trials.

All volunteers will be between the age of 12-65 years. More than 3,500 volunteers have already enrolled for the trial. On the 3,500 volunteers, 50 types of tests including diabetes, hypertension, heart & liver disease will be conducted by AIIMS.

There are three formulations of the COVID-19 vaccine candidate.
Each subject will be given any one of the formulations in two doses two weeks apart.
The first 50 will get the lowest strength dose of the vaccine. If it is foun’d to be safe in them,
then it will be given to another 50 patients in high doses, Dr. Rai told PTI.

Phase 1 of the trials are complete and the results are promising. Phase 2 has started. The vaccine has to clear Phase 1, 2, and 3 of trials only then it will be ready for public use.
ICMR had previously said that it aims to launch the vaccine by 15th August.

There are three formulations of the COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

But Bharat Biotechnology’s Founder Dr. Krishna Ella said it’s too early to announce a launch date. Once trials for all three phases are successful, then a date can be announced.

How Does Covaxin Work?

Covaxin has bee’n derived from a strain of the novel coronavirus isolated by the National Institute of Virology in Pune. Bharat Biotech developed an “inactivated” vaccine at its high-containment facility at Genome Valley in Hyderabad.

“Once the vaccine is injecte’d into a human, it has no potential to infect or replicate, since it is a killed virus. It just serves to the immune system as a dead virus and mounts an antibody response towards the virus,” Bharat Biotech said.

Corona Vaccine Price In India

Oxford vaccine price: The cost of the vaccine is estimate’d to be below Rs 1,000 ($13) and will be called Covishield in India Statement by Adar Poonawalla, CEO of Serum Institute of India. In the UK, Oxford has said the vaccine will be available at a low cost.

Moderna vaccine price: Moderna is planning to price the vaccine at $50-60 (Rs 3,700-Rs 4,500) for the entire course. Its price will be around $25-30 (Rs 1,800-Rs 2,300). Moderna’s proposed price will apply to the United States and other high-income countries, a Reuters report said.

Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine

Last week, American drugmaker Pfizer Inc, which has partnered with German biotech firm BioNTech to develop a vaccine candidate called BNT162b2, progressed to phase II/III trials. The vaccine, which will be tested on up to 30,000 participants, has been found to induce an immune response in patients, early results have revealed. Volunteers are given two doses of the vaccine produced virus-neutralizing antibodies.

Pfizer vaccine price: In The Netherlands, Germany, France, and Italy, the vaccine will be priced at $3-4 (Rs 225-300) per dose, as mentioned in Financial Times. In the US, the price will be $39 for what is likely to be a two-dose course of treatment or $19.50 per dose.

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India's COVAXIN Vaccine For COVID-19
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