Covid- 19 Lockdown Benefits The Environment and Ozone Layer

Covid- 19 Lockdown Benefits The Environment and Ozone Layer- Fit Hut
he Environment Is Benefiting Greatly From The Lockdown Caused By The Coronavirus Covid-19 by Fit Hut

The Environment Is Benefiting Greatly From The Lockdown Caused By The Coronavirus Covid-19. Due To This, The Industries Of The World Have Stopped, Due To Which The Ozone Layer Seems To Be Improving.

Due to the havoc of Coronavirus Covid-19, industrial activities have come to a standstill across the world. Lockdown has been done in many countries including India. It has also benefited the environment, its condition is improving due to the decrease in the industries that were protecting the ozone layer on the earth for the last several decades.

Coronavirus Lockdown Benefits The Environment and Ozone Layer

The most damage to the ozone layer was occurring over Antarctica, scientists have found that this layer is now improving significantly. According to the latest research published in Nature, which are responsible for the loss of the chemical ozone layer, it is improving due to the reduction in emissions.

Special Chemicals Were Causing Damage

According to the Motriol Protocol (1987) agreement, the production of such chemicals is banned. These harmful chemicals are called ozone depletion substances (ODS). Due to the lack of these substances, positive air circulation has been created all over the world, which also has an effect on the part of the atmosphere above Antarctica.

What Has Changed

Coronavirus Lockdown Benefits The Environment and Ozone Layer

This information has been revealed in a research published in Nature Research. The erosion of the strong winds that formed over the Antarctica in the South Pole due to the emission of recently reduced ODS has also stopped and started going in the opposite direction.

How Is It Getting Harm/Hurt

Coronavirus Lockdown Benefits The Environment and Ozone Layer
The Earth rotates faster at the poles than at the equator. Because of this, a huge vortex is formed above the poles which is called jet stream. This is a natural phenomenon. But the ODS substances create a chain reaction in this vortex by accelerating chemical reactions and damage the ozone layer. They were also pushing this vortex towards the south. Due to this, a lot of damage was done to the climate change. This was also one of the reasons of the recent huge fire in the forests of Australia.

What Is The Specific Improvement

Due to the lack of these materials, not only the ozone layer is improving, but the vortex over Antarctica is also coming back to the right place. It is expected that this will bring positive changes in the pattern of rainfall along with other positive reforms.

What Can Be The Biggest Benefit

Organic chemist Lan Ray (Ian Rae) of Molbourne University is very excited by this research. He believes that due to this the rainfall in the coral reef area near Australia could be reduced. With the recent changes, the rainfall will start increasing in the region as before, which had started decreasing in the last few decades.

It May Be Too Early To Conclude

Scientists do not want to appear in any hurry in this matter. He fears that when industrial activity resumes, massive carbon dioxide and other ODS emissions will begin again and may not return to the previous state.

Why Is This Apprehension

Antara Banerjee of Colorado Boulder University says, “We would like to call it a ‘pause’ because the old situation can come back. It is a tug of war between ozone reform and greenhouse gases. ”

Why Is There A Need To Improve The Ozone Layer

The Earth’s first layer of the atmosphere is a layer of ozone just above the Troposphere that does not allow ultraviolet (ultraviolet) rays from space to reach the Earth’s surface. This layer is 15 kilometers above the equator and about 8 kilometers above the poles. Our eyes and skin especially suffer from ultraviolet rays. These rays can cause diseases like Kaiser in people.

And What Is The Benefit Of Coronavirus Covid-19 Due To Lock Down

With the shutdown of industries around the world, the emission of gases which damage the atmosphere has stopped. On the other hand, due to almost the closure of public and private traffic, the release of gases like carbon dioxide from the vehicles due to petrol and diesel has also reduced very much. In such a situation, the level of pollution, especially in the metros, started showing.

There Is Also Benefit Here

Coronavirus Lockdown Benefits The Environment and Ozone Layer

With the shutdown of construction works, the air is also clear. Construction works also contribute significantly to air pollution. Apart from this, noise of vehicles has effectively reduced noise pollution.

Now Is The Time To Assess Its

How much the environment is benefiting from this shutdown is yet to be assessed. At present, everyone’s focus is to protect against the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19. Researchers from all over the world are working on it to deal with this crisis, but scientists are definitely eyeing the natural activities happening around the world.

Coronavirus Lockdown Benefits The Environment and Ozone Layer



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