Deodorant Rash: 3 Reasons Your Stick Is Messing With Your Pits



It’s a fragile space, and it is really fairly frequent for individuals to have distinctive sensitives there that maybe you could not discover as irritating elsewhere. “The skin in the axilla is very thin and will notice and react to a larger array of ingredients than other parts of the body,” says Nava Greenfield, M.D., of Schweiger Dermatology Group in NYC. “The arms, for example, are less prone to sensitivities.”

But as for the rash, what precisely is it? Well, it is often certainly one of two issues: “It can either be an allergy to an ingredient in the product or an irritant reaction to one of the ingredients,” she says. These, nonetheless, are inclined to look very comparable so it isn’t all the time simple to determine what your rash is indicating. 

An allergic response is an inflammatory response within the pores and skin and might need to be sussed out by a physician or dermatologist, who will conduct a take a look at. An irritation (typically referred to as contact dermatitis) is often the lesser of the 2 and is the results of repeated publicity to an irritating ingredient. If your rash is persistent, and you may’t appear to determine the triggers, seek the advice of a derm. 

However, listed here are a few of the commonest allergens and irritants to look out for: 


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