Exclusive: Whole30 Just Launched Their Own Line Of Dressings & Sauces



“Everything we do starts with an idea from the Whole30 community, or a pain point we observe,” says Urban.

“For years now, we’ve been hearing people say, ‘When I see the Whole30 Approved logo on something, I know right away I can trust the ingredients,'” she says, “I believe many mindbodygreen readers have adopted a specific diet that works best for them, and you don’t have to be on a Whole30 to appreciate our high-quality, thoughtfully chosen ingredients.”

Still, Urban felt conflicted about launching a branded product: “Our mission has always been to serve the community, not create stuff to sell them. There’s a reason the entire Whole30 program has always been free!”

But due to some market analysis, Urban and her crew discovered, “our community would be psyched to find a Whole30-branded product on the physical or virtual shelf.” So after ensuring each single facet of this debut product was designed with followers in thoughts, “launching our personal line of dressings and sauces was an inevitable and thrilling subsequent step,” she says. “I’m confident now that the time is right, and I’ll never regret being patient and continuing to build that trust and loyalty with our community.”


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