From Eros To Philia, Here Are 8 Different Types Of Love



According to scientific psychologist Kristina Hallett, Ph.D., analysis has outlined two main varieties of interpersonal love: passionate love (which is what we consider as romantic love, involving attraction and sexual want) and attachment (often known as compassionate love, which may be between caregivers and youngsters, between long-term romantic companions, and different deeply bonded relationships).

Nevertheless, she provides, “We can certainly love people in a multitude of ways, and often do. When we think about the different Greek words for love, it’s possible to see how these connect to the greater categories of passionate and compassionate love.”

The query of what it means to like somebody has been the inspiration behind so many songs for a purpose: It’s a really sophisticated emotion that all of us expertise in another way. Take the five love languages, for instance. Everyone has their very own approach of giving and receiving love, particularly with totally different individuals.

Below are the 9 varieties of love described within the Greek language and methods to navigate every one:


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