Half of parents report butting heads with child’s grandparent over parenting



Half of parents report butting heads with child's grandparent over parenting
Clashes over parenting selections and imposing parents’ guidelines may cause main strife between a child’s parents and grandparents, a nationwide ballot suggests. Credit: C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health at Michigan Medicine.

Cookies for breakfast, staying up late and perhaps just a little extra TV than standard.

For some households, what occurs at grandma’s home stays at grandma’s home.

But for others, clashes over parenting selections and imposing ‘ guidelines may cause main strife between a ‘s parents and grandparents, a suggests.

Nearly half of parents describe disagreements with a number of grandparent about their parenting, with one in seven going as far as to restrict the quantity of time their youngster sees sure grandparents, finds the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health at Michigan Medicine.

Disputes mostly contain self-discipline (57 %), meals (44 %), and TV/display time (36 %.) Other thorny topics: manners, security and well being, bedtime, treating some grandchildren in a different way than others and sharing images or info on social media.

“Grandparents play a special role in children’s lives and can be an important resource for parents through support, advice and babysitting. But they may have different ideas about the best way to raise the child and that can cause tension,” says Mott Poll co-director Sarah Clark.

“If grandparents contradict or interfere with parenting choices, it can have a serious strain on the relationship.”

The nationally consultant survey is predicated on 2,016 responses from parents of kids ages 18 and underneath.

Discipline was the largest supply of competition. Among parents who report main or minor disagreements, 40% say grandparents are too tender on the kid, and 14% say grandparents are too powerful.

Nearly half of parents say disagreements come up from grandparents being each too lenient and overly harsh.

“Parents may feel that their parental authority is undermined when grandparents are too lenient in allowing children to do things that are against family rules, or when grandparents are too strict in forbidding children to do things that parents have okayed,” Clark says.

Some disagreements could stem from intergenerational variations, Clark says. For instance, grandparents could insist that “the way we used to do things” is the right solution to guardian. New analysis and suggestions on youngster well being and security may additionally result in disagreements if grandparents refuse to place infants to sleep on their again or don’t use a booster seat when driving grandchildren to preschool.

In many circumstances, parents have tried to get grandparents to be extra respectful of their parenting selections and family guidelines. These requests have combined outcomes: whereas about half of grandparents made a noticeable change of their habits to be extra constant with how parents do issues, 17 % outright objected.

“Whether grandparents cooperated with a request or not was strongly linked to parents’ description of disagreements as major or minor,” Clark says. “The bigger the conflict, the less likely grandparents were to budge.”

Parents who mentioned that grandparents refused such a request had been additionally extra more likely to put limits on the quantity of time their youngster spent with them.

“Parents who reported major disagreements with grandparents were also likely to feel that the conflicts had a negative impact on the relationship between the child and the grandparent,” Clark says.

“These findings indicate that should strive to understand and comply with parent requests to be more consistent with parenting choices—not only to support parents in the difficult job of raising children, but to avoid escalating the conflict to the point that they risk losing special time with grandchildren.”

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Half of parents report butting heads with child’s grandparent over parenting (2020, August 17)
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