Have Unexplained Skin Issues? This Derm Says Check Your Shampoo



All hair care merchandise deposit residue in your hair (this can be a good factor; you need these nourishing elements to stay on the strands, as an alternative of swirling down the drain). However, that residue really sits on the pores and skin for fairly a while: According to board-certified dermatologist Iris Rubin, M.D., founding father of SEEN Hair Care, the residue from hair merchandise travels down your face and physique when you rinse, and it might switch to your pores and skin out of your hair, towel, or pillow post-wash. 

Specifically, her analysis means that residue from shampoo and conditioner can stay on the brow, cheeks, scalp, and again for up to two hours. And for styling merchandise (assume leave-ins and curl creams), that residue stays for as much as 4. That’s a reasonably large window for elements to seep into the pores and skin and trigger some undesirable irritation. 

Perhaps it goes with out saying: If your hair merchandise comprise iffy or pore clogging elements, that two-to-four hour window is usually a waving crimson flag for irritation. 


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