How Long Does Garlic Actually Last & How Do You Know When It’s Bad?



The first vital distinction is to know that the garlic you’d purchase within the grocery store is technically cured garlic, which suggests it has been dried in order that the pores and skin shrinks as much as type a barrier in opposition to damaging moisture. However, you solely actually must be involved with this step in case you’re rising the garlic your self, or know it is contemporary garlic you are shopping for.

“Cured garlic will last about 5-6 months,” says Ying, “if stored properly.” Thanks to the pores and skin on the garlic, it has it is personal self-preservation in-built, which is why it is best to go away it alone in order for you it to final. Individual cloves with their pores and skin on usually tend to solely final a number of weeks.

“The finest solution to store garlic is to maintain it complete, with out peeling or separating the cloves,” she says, “When you separate a clove from the rest of the garlic it reduces the shelf life and when you peel that clove it significantly reduces that shelf life even more to just a few days.”


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