How Often To Wash Your Towels, Straight From A Microbiologist



According to microbiologist Charles Gerba, Ph.D., lavatory towels must be washed on a really common foundation. (And probably after each use in some instances, however extra on that in a bit.)

“From our testing,” he says, “you should change your face and bathroom towels every three days at least.” In a towel research Gerba did a number of years again, he and his staff discovered fecal micro organism on 80% of towels that hadn’t been washed for 3 days or longer—yuck.

“Fecal bacteria that get in [towels] from hand-washing grow because of the moist conditions,” he provides. Not to say the truth that micro organism and different germs can get sprayed in the air when you flush your toilet and stick round since many bogs are notably moist. This additionally makes it troublesome for towels to dry fully.


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