How To Deep Clean Your Go-To Slippers — Because It’s Probably Time



When it involves supplies like suede or leather-based, you will wish to keep away from the washer. “Suede and leather slippers should never be machine washed,” reminds Maker, “or submerged in water.” Your greatest wager is spot cleansing the surface and freshening up the insides by different means.

“If your suede slippers have spots on the exterior that need to be cleaned, use a suede brush (one with an eraser is best),” says Maker. “Use the eraser edge to rub out the stain and then the brush to sweep it away.”

Multipurpose microfiber towels are the most effective instrument for cleansing leather-based. “For leather slippers, spot clean as needed with a damp microfiber cloth,” Maker suggests.


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