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Stuffed Gram Flour Chapaati

Hey all people,

How is your earn a living from home going? I’m having a blast, attempting varied sorts of recipes, and doing single pot cooking. I’m attempting varied sorts of flours too. Today right here is one thing attention-grabbing I attempted Stuffed Gram Flour Chapaati.

Here I’m sharing this recipe with you which of them will be had as a low-calorie snack too. Best a part of this recipe is, that it requires only one spoon of oil for the preparation.

Indian Vegetarian Low GI Recipe

Stuffed Gram Flour Chapaati

For the filling:

The filling ought to be ready first so as to fill it into freshly ready scorching cornflour or gram flour chapattis.


  • 1 onion
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1-2 small bowls of peas
  • spices and a teaspoonful of edible oil.


  • Boil the peas. I take advantage of frozen ones when out of season.

Indian Vegetarian Low GI Recipe

  • Cut the onion and tomatoes into small items or chances are you’ll make a puree with these as per your liking.

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  • Now we begin with the cooking half. Add one teaspoonful of oil ideally in a non-stick pan.

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Note that we should always not cook dinner meals in non-stick utensils whose coating has been eliminated one way or the other; that’s dangerous to well being because the steel beneath reacts with the meals.

  • When the oil begins heating up add the chopped onion and tomato. Add spices- turmeric, salt, cumin, and different ones as per style. Stir often until the onions flip golden brown. The preparation is much like the cooking methodology used for some other regular Indian vegetable. 

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  • Now add the boiled peas and blend nicely. Cook by protecting the lid on the pan for the following 2 minutes in order that the flavour goes nicely into the peas. 

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  • Now that’s your ready filling which you’ll maintain apart till we put together the corn flour chapattis.

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For the Maize flour/ gram flour chapattis:

You can use both maize flour or gram flour for this. Gram flour has a greater style and is most well-liked by most Indians whereas corn flour yields stiffer chapattis and has a really completely different style than the previous. Try each and see what fits your style buds. I usually make gram flour chapattis on this recipe however this time I wished to experiment with a unique style.

  • We should knead the dough first. For that, we would want 2-three bowls of flour or chances are you’ll regulate as per your requirement.

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  • Add water and bishops weed (ajwain) to the flour and knead the dough.

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  • That is how we would like the kneaded dough to look. I’ve added chopped coriander leaves as nicely.

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  • Keep a spherical ball of dough within the heart of unpolluted cotton material. You may also use a polythene sheet as an alternative. Press in opposition to the floor of the dough to get the specified form of the chapatti.

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  • Place these on an already heated flat pan (ideally non-stick). Flip 2-three instances fastidiously or it’d break.

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  • When the chapatti is ready, place it in a plate, fill with the pea combination and fold. Now, cornflour or Maize flour chapattis being stiff don’t fold neatly; they’re sure to interrupt into items whereas folding. Chapattis ready with gram flour will fold simply and can look extra aesthetically sound whereas serving.

Indian Vegetarian Low GI RecipeYou can relish this as a night snack or might even have it in breakfast. Peas have limitless well being advantages. Corn flour and gram flour each are excessive on well being and low on energy and GI. People who use wheat flour alone as part of their every day food plan, for them will probably be an added selection on the dietary entrance and a break from wheat. Also, because it requires only one spoon of oil, you recognize it isn’t excessive on energy. At the identical time, these are fairly filling too; I can not have greater than 1 within the night time.

Relish and let me understand how you discover it.

Until subsequent time, take care!

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