Is Dip Powder Bad For Your Nails? Pros & Cons Of The “Healthier” Faux-Nails



Here’s the thin on dip powder: We commend the truth that it doesn’t require UV mild, however that doesn’t make it A-okay for nail well being. It can have a reasonably comparable impact in your nails as acrylics, as every consists of the identical base ingredient and roughens up the nails fairly a bit. And from a security standpoint, we are able to’t ignore the contamination issues with repeat dips. That stated, when you do go for a dip manicure, ensure you see a nail tech who brushes on the powder as an alternative of dipping every finger within the jar. 

If you’ve had your justifiable share of dip powder manis, don’t lose all hope on your pure nails: Simply preserve these suggestions hydrated and moisturized (a each day cuticle oil is finest, says Lim), and sustain with healthy nail maintenance till they’ve utterly grown out. It could take a while, however hey—a robust, naked nail is at all times on-trend.


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