Is Masturbation Good or Bad- For Male/Female?

Is Masturbation Good or Bad For Male/Female? - Fit Hut - Fitness | Health

Is Masturbation Really Good Or Bad? Many People Want To Know About It But Noone’s Talk About It Cause Of Hesitation.

I hope you all are doing good And are safe in your respective homes.

The topic which we are covering today has been continuously requested by a lot of people Namely,

Is Masturbation Good Or Bad?

This is a very misunderstood topic,
A lot of people want to know more about this but they rarely talk about it. It is not considered a healthy act within our society and this causes hesitation amongst people.

Is Masturbation Good or Bad For Male/Female? - Fit Hut - Fitness | Health

Still, a lot of people have questions like, Does masturbation affect their strength and stamina? Does masturbation cause any physical problems? and concerning bodybuilding, Does masturbation cause result in loss of gains/muscle?

I will discuss all these questions with you all in this article. Let’s start our article.

First, let’s clear this up Masturbation is a very common practice and is a biological need of the human body. Many researches have clarified that more than 90% of males and more than 80% of females masturbate.

There are a lot of myths revolving around this too. Men think masturbation can cause impotency and similarly females are scared of infertility. There are many of such myths that revolve around this.

For example, this will cause faster aging, hair fall, nutrient loss, blood loss, And specifically, males think that masturbation causes a reduction in testosterone which results in muscle loss or they are unable to gain muscle. But there is no such thing which has been scientifically proven.

Let’s Discuss Two Studies To Better Understand

The first Study: First study tells us that 1 week of no masturbation does give you slightly higher testosterone levels But in the second week it naturally starts decreasing And in some cases, even goes below the natural levels.

The Second Study: Second study tells us that after a period of 3 weeks With no masturbation there is slight increase in the testosterone levels But it isn’t enough to be considered a significant improvement.

Both these studies prove that it is scientifically un-proven that if you stop masturbating your testosterone levels will increase significantly Along with this it is important for you all to know that Just like every living organism has a shelf life Sperm cell too has a shelf life Inside the male body.

Sperm can survive for 74 days after which the body starts producing newer cells. What I want to say is that if you don’t ejaculate it does not mean your cells will keep multiplying and you will achieve a higher testosterone level.

Benefits Of Masturbation

Let’s discuss some benefits of masturbation too. Masturbation releases happiness hormones in our body like oxytocin and dopamine. This uplifts our mood, reduces anxiety, stress, improves hunger quotient, improves sleep And reduces sexual desire which helps in concentration towards our work.

Hence, masturbation is not a wrong or shameful act. But as we all know, excess of everything is bad If you sleep too much, over eat or exercise excessively they cause more harm than good Similarly, if you masturbate a lot it causes harm.

You might see signs of weakness Your sexual sensitivity can reduce and this might cause problems in your sexual life. You will start feeling irritated and dissatisfied And all these can bring a lot of negativity into your life.

We discussed about scientific researches, negatives, and positives.

Personal Opinion/View On Masturbation

Now I would like to share my personal view on this topic I feel masturbation is a healthy habit and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

But do keep in mind that it shouldn’t become an addiction If you indulge in it 1-3 times a week it is quite normal But if you do it multiple times a day or you do it daily, you might be addicted and this can cause many problems for you.

Get Rid Of Addiction Of Masturbation

My suggestion for addicts to overcome this problem is that Start including a physical activity in your daily lifestyle Seek help of meditation, it helps to calm you mind.

Set some rules and aims in your life and start working towards them, This will help to distract your mind from your physical needs and divert it towards productive work And if you are an addict, I would suggest you to discuss about it with people who are very close to you and seek their help.

There is no need to feel shy and your close one might be able to find better solutions for you.

This is our article for today hope you all liked the article.

My work is content creation and spread information and I am trying my best to do it. Thank you for giving your precious time to my article.

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Is Masturbation Good or Bad For Male/Female?
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