Link between autism and eating disorders may be due to an inability to identify emotions – new research



Link between autism and eating disorders may be due to an inability to identify emotions – new research
Alexithymia is a character trait characterised by an inability to identify and describe emotions. Credit: Shutterstock

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rates of any psychological sickness. They do not discriminate, affecting folks of all ethnicities, sexualities, gender identities, ages and backgrounds. However, one group is disproportionately affected by these disorders: folks on the autism spectrum.

Eating disorders in are poorly understood, however they have an inclination to be more severe and long-lasting. The longer an individual lives with their eating dysfunction, the more durable it’s to get well. This may partly clarify why some research recommend autistic folks have a poorer prognosis in remedy.

Longer-lasting eating disorders are associated with a higher chance of loss of life. The incontrovertible fact that autistic persons are susceptible to continual eating disorders, alongside other mental illnesses, may be one cause why they die one to three many years earlier, on common, than non-autistic folks.

So why are autistic folks extra susceptible to eating disorders? A few causes have been recommended.


One basic and main threat issue for creating an eating dysfunction is dieting. For individuals who may already be genetically vulnerable to eating disorders, weight-reduction plan appears to kick-start one thing in the brain that may develop the dysfunction.

While autistic folks aren’t extra doubtless to eating regimen than the , sure options of autism—together with consideration to element, dedication and intense fixated pursuits—may make them higher in a position to preserve the restrictions wanted for long-term weight reduction after they select to eating regimen.

The cognitive rigidity that we see in autistic folks may additionally make it simple for them to get caught in patterns of eating behaviour, whereas their desire for sameness may trigger them to have a restricted eating regimen to start with. For some autistic folks, insensitivity to starvation, gastrointestinal issues and sensitivity to tastes, smells and textures make eating tough anyway.

Moreover, as a result of autistic persons are usually bullied and socially isolated, weight-reduction plan and weight reduction may give them again a sense of management, predictability, reward and self-worth. Eating disorders may even numb feelings of tension and melancholy.


A core feature of individuals with eating disorders is that they discover it tough to identify and deal with emotion. As autistic folks struggle with emotions in comparable methods, our research staff questioned whether or not this may assist clarify why they’re extra doubtless to have eating disorders.

The character trait characterised by an inability to identify and describe emotions known as alexithymia. Being alexithymic is like being emotionally colour-blind, and it ranges from delicate to extreme. While one alexithymic individual may discover it exhausting to pinpoint what emotion they’re feeling, one other may discover bodily indicators resembling a racing coronary heart and be in a position to identify they’re feeling offended or frightened.

Alexithymia is related to many adverse outcomes like suicide and self-injury. In half, this may be as a result of individuals who can not identify or categorical their emotions discover it exhausting to soothe themselves or get help from others.

To see whether or not alexithymia may contribute to eating disorders in autism, we checked out eating-disorder signs and autistic traits within the basic inhabitants. Autism is a spectrum dysfunction, so everybody has some degree of autistic traits—it doesn’t imply they’re really autistic. Nevertheless, these traits can inform us one thing in regards to the nature of autism itself.

In two experiments with 421 individuals, we discovered that higher autistic traits correlated with larger eating-disorder signs. We additionally discovered that larger ranges of alexithymia wholly or partially defined this relationship. Our outcomes recommend that having larger autistic traits alongside difficulties figuring out and describing emotions may make these folks extra susceptible to creating eating-disorder signs.

Interestingly, we discovered variations between male and feminine individuals. While alexithymia was associated to eating-disorder signs in ladies, there have been no hyperlinks between alexithymia and eating-disorder signs in males. Since the male group was small, nevertheless, we could not be certain these findings would maintain up in a much bigger pattern.

Next steps

This research cannot present conclusively that alexithymia causes eating dysfunction signs in folks with , or certainly autistic folks. It may be that the relationships work backwards, and signs give rise to alexithymia and to autistic options.

However, first-person accounts from autistic persons are in keeping with the concept alexithymia may play a job of their eating disorders. One participant even described how limiting her calorie consumption lowered inner sensations that—unknown to her, being unable to identify them—brought on her a lot nervousness.

If supported by additional research, these findings have potential implications for remedy. Clinicians already know that therapies want to be tailor-made for autistic and non-autistic patients, however how greatest to obtain that is nonetheless unsure. Preliminary research like this may supply some clue by highlighting alexithymia as a possible goal. Alexithymia is presently not addressed by clinicians both in autistic folks or in these with eating disorders

As there are a lot of adverse outcomes related to being autistic—resembling excessive suicide rates and higher threat of eating —it can be essential to discover how a lot alexithymia, not autism itself, really contributes to these adverse outcomes. Focused interventions to deal with may probably scale back these dangers.

Children with autism face higher risk of eating disorders

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