Low Sperm Count Symptoms,Causes, Prevention & Treatment

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Sperm depend is among the parameters used to evaluate the standard of sperms in a semen evaluation take a look at. The sperm evaluation take a look at is a crucial take a look at that helps in diagnosing a person’s potential to conceive.

It is measured as the typical variety of sperms which can be present in a testing pattern (semen). Low sperm counts point out a decrease variety of sperms than the anticipated worth within the pattern of semen.

An individual with low sperm depend might both be with none signs or might have swelling of testes or different signs.

The explanation for low sperm counts could possibly be associated to the reproductive organ or to exterior elements resembling high-temperature publicity.

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Diagnosis is established by semen examine in a laboratory.

Low sperm depend may be improved by avoiding publicity to the causative agent (if any), sustaining a wholesome way of life and taking medicines prescribed by the physician.

What is low sperm depend?

Infertility is the shortcoming of an individual to breed by pure course of. It is a rising drawback which impacts many {couples} on this planet. Either the male or the feminine or each may be chargeable for this situation.

Male infertility may be on account of structural and practical defects in sperms on account of some genetic or environmental causes. These can both be correctable or everlasting.

When {couples} fail to conceive even after unprotected intercourse for no less than a 12 months, the physician diagnoses them with infertility. Investigations are carried out to attempt to discover out if the issue is with the male or feminine accomplice or each.

The explanation for low sperm counts in males is discovered on account of sperm defects in 20-30% of individuals. To discover out underlying drawback, an in depth historical past about way of life, habits, and occupation is carried out by the physician.

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Once an individual is recognized with low sperm counts, the issue may be handled with applicable steering from the physician relating to wholesome habits, some precautions, dietary dietary supplements, and drugs if wanted.

Low sperm depend is outlined as a lower in a complete variety of sperms within the testing fluid (semen) than the typical variety of sperms required within the pattern.

This is a crucial parameter to find out the fertility of males (the power of males to conceive).

Normal common sperm depend is 15-39 million per pattern. Low sperm depend means sperm depend lower than 15 million per pattern.

Types of low sperm depend

There are primarily two forms of low sperm count- oligospermia and azoospermia.

  • Oligospermia
    In this drawback, semen comprises sperms lesser than what’s the commonplace.
  • Azoospermia
    It is the issue, semen comprises no sperm.

Low Sperm Count Symptoms

There are often no signs however some folks might have the next signs:

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  • Not having the ability to conceive even after having unprotected intercourse for no less than a 12 months.
  • An individual might expertise a low intercourse drive.
  • There could also be swelling in genital organs.

Low Sperm Count Causes and danger elements


There are numerous causes which may be associated to low sperm counts:

  • Problems with ejaculation
    This may be on account of trauma or harm after the present process a surgical procedure.
  • Varicocele
    It is an illness in which there’s are issues with temperature regulation inflicting an increase in temperature and irregular sperm high quality.
  • Infection of the adjoining glands
    Infectious ailments or sexually transmitted ailments which result in irritation and irregular functioning of components of the reproductive system.

Systemic causes:

  • Exposure to excessive temperatures particularly for males who take frequent steam baths, and in employees uncovered to excessive warmth.
  • Effect of radiation absorbed by electrical welders, by radiologists.
  • People who work with, or are uncovered to heavy metals like lead, cadmium or pesticides.
  • Genetic issues
    These are ailments which happen on account of mutation of genes.
  • Unexplained infertility
    Wherein the reason for infertility stays unidentified.
  • Drug-induced
    Certain medicine like anabolic steroids, anticancer medicine may also have an effect on sperm depend quickly or completely.
  • Stress-induced
    A hectic way of life may be chargeable for low sperm depend. (Read extra – Stress)

    Risk Factors

There are many elements that may enhance the danger of low sperm depend. These embrace:

  • Alcohol consumption.
  • Smoking.
  • Obesity.
  • Exposure to excessive temperature.
  • Certain drugs.
  • Genetic issues.
  • E-xposure to Radiation.
  • Exposur to poisonous heavy metals.
  • Exposure to pesticides.
  • Stress.

Low Sperm Count Prevention

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There are methods by which the issue of low sperm depend may be prevented. These embrace :

  • Avoid publicity to radiation
    People who work in locations with publicity to radiation resembling nuclear energy crops, uranium mines or diagnostic centres with imaging machines ought to use radiation defending gear like bodysuits, eye gear, and masks to stop extreme publicity.
  • Avoid excessive temperature
    Avoid highly regarded baths and use lukewarm water for bathing. People who work in steel industries, mines, welding workshops, and street floor making are at a danger of high-temperature publicity which may be averted through the use of particular protecting jackets, caps, glasses and growing air flow of the venue.
  • Keep your weight in test
    Keep your weight within the wholesome vary to scale back the danger of low sperm depend. Opt for a nutritious diet, common train, and a wholesome way of life to maintain your weight in test.
  • Avoid direct publicity to heavy metals
    If you might be working in heavy steel industries like lead, cadmium, direct publicity needs to be averted through the use of applicable safety like insulated jackets and masks.
  • Avoid direct publicity to pesticides
    Farmers ought to take further precautions through the use of masks and gloves and comply with protecting measures whereas sprinkling pesticides.
  • Seek immediate therapy of any an infection
    Infection to a neighborhood genital space can result in unfold of illness and injury to genitals which frequently result in low sperm counts. This may be averted by visiting the physician and taking the correct remedy. Consultation with the physician on the earliest without hesitation is important to cease sexually transmitted ailments which may result in many issues if not handled on time.
  • Adopt a wholesome way of life
    Along with food plan and train, wholesome habits like taking satisfactory sleep, giving up smoking, avoiding tobacco chewing, and limiting alcohol consumption are necessary for stopping low sperm counts.

Diagnosis of Low Sperm Count

Diagnosis is established by getting a semen examine carried out. Semen is the fluid wherein sperms are current.

Penis releases semen throughout ejaculation on the time of intercourse.

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Semen examine,
Or evaluation may be carried out within the laboratory by giving your semen pattern in a bottle to the lab particular person.

Further, this pattern is processed,
and outcomes are assessed for amount and high quality of semen wherein one of many parameters is sperm depend.

This means sperm depend in a given semen pattern may be calculated utilizing particular strategies.

This take a look at, when suggested by the physician, needs to be carried out within the laboratory for which personal rooms are made obtainable adjoining to the laboratories.

This is necessary to keep away from the temperature fluctuation and save time to course of the pattern.

It is mostly not advisable to gather a pattern at the house. The pattern is collected in clear (sterile) containers,
and it’s ensured {that a} full semen pattern is collected at one time.

It can be advisable to maintain abstinence (no ejaculation) for minimum 2-7 days earlier
then giving a pattern for the take a look at.

This pattern is then processed and sperm depend is evaluated by microscopic examination.

Normal common sperm depend is 15-39 million per pattern. Hence low sperm depend means sperm depend lower than 15 million per pattern.

Low Sperm Count Treatment

Treatment of low sperm depend is dependent upon the underlying trigger. If the underlying trigger is treatable, then low sperm depend may be handled. Treatment includes:

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  • An in-depth historical past
    ​This may be useful to find out about

    Systemic medical diseases (e.g., diabetes mellitus and higher respiratory ailments).
    Any surgical procedures are previous.
    Sexual historical past together with sexually transmitted infections.
    Exposure to warmth, any toxins, or pesticides.
    The occupational historical past incorporates any publicity on the time of labor.
  • Counseling
    Your physician can clarify you higher about your situation.
    You mustn’t hesitate to share your issues and
    private historical past as it could assist in figuring out and treating the trigger.
    Most importantly your physician might help you in coping with stress which could possibly be a purpose for low sperm depend.
  • Avoiding publicity to excessive temperature, radiations, and poisonous substances can enhance the sperm depend.
  • Taking correct care and safety whereas working in heavy steel industries and whereas utilizing pesticides.
  • Avoiding smoking or tobacco chewing may be useful.
  • Avoiding alcohol as it’s confirmed that alcohol interferes with sperm maturation.
  • Proper nutritious diet and train together with dietary supplements will management weight problems and might help to take care of low sperm depend.
  • If low sperm depend on outcomes on account of varicocele, the surgical procedure can remedy it.
  • In the case of genetic issues, correct analysis, and different strategies to extract semen relying upon the illness may be useful.
  • If the low sperm depend is because of sure medicines that you’re taking, your physician might ask you to scale back the dose or discontinue the use of the drug.

Lifestyle administration

Lifestyle modifications might help in case of low sperm depend. These embrace:

  • Having a wholesome and nutritious food plan together with the usage of diet dietary supplements if suggested by the physician.
  • Avoiding stress by choosing stress-busting actions resembling meditation, deep respiratory workouts, and yoga.
  • Including 30-45 minutes of each day train in your each day routine.
  • Giving up smoking and limiting the consumption of alcohol.
  • Avoiding tobacco use.
  • Avoiding taking extraordinarily sizzling water baths.

Low Sperm Count Risks & Complications

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Prognosis relies upon upon the underlying trigger. Correctable causes like publicity to warmth and radiations have good prognosis than everlasting causes like genetic issues.


Low sperm counts can result in failure of conception by the pure strategy of copy. Other issues is probably not associated to low sperm depend however the circumstances or issues inflicting it.

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