Mental Health & Depression: Sushant Singh Rajput Case Study!

Mental Health & Depression Sushant Singh Rajput Case Study - Fit Hut
Mental Health & Depression Makes You Feel Lonely.

Before Talking About Late Mr. Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide. Let’s Talk About Mental Health And Depression.

Hello Guys,

Today we will reveal depression as everyone knows, in the year 2020, coronavirus COVID 19 has broken everyone on financial terms.
Now whether it is a big businessman or a laborer, everyone has suffered a huge loss. There has been a shortage of food in many households.

Due to which millions of people have suffered or may have suffered from depression. We have already written about it in detail like, What Is Depression, Causes And Home Based Treatment.

But today we will talk about, how to beat or defeat depression in this evil watch of Corona in deep detail.

Mental Health & Depression Sushant Singh Rajput Case Study - Fit Hut
Mental Health & Depression Makes You Feel Lonely.

Depression Is Not A Very Big Thing

Depression is not a very big thing, it is just a part of thoughts or sorrow that arises in your mind that does not let you come above your mind thought.

Increase positivity to defeat it, we don’t want to spread negativity by calling it a big thing. It is not bigger than humans, it is also a kind of disease which is possible to cure.

Many people give up due to depression, which is the biggest mistake of their life. We don’t have to lose, have to defeat it, and help others to defeat it.

How To Defeat Depression

The first thing we need to understand is that depression can happen to anyone at any time. There is no relation between someone’s being rich and poor, it can happen to anyone.

No matter how much money you have, when any matter settles in the heart or brain, then it starts suffocating people from inside.

What is depression- Main symptoms, causes and treatment- Fit Hut
It is a type of mood disorder that is very common. We cannot define depression in any one way because it is a mental illness that people experience differently or can say that everyone has a different experience of depression. by FitHut

Problems happen to everyone but do not give up. We need to talk to each other, understand each other. Whenever anything bothers you from inside please share it with your family or closest one.

Consult a Psychiatrist, and talk as much as you can to those you feel closest to, and spend as much time with them.

Symptoms Of Depression

Many people do not even know that they have depression so these are the 30 symptoms below:

  • Bad Thoughts
  • Fatigue
  • Mood Changes
  • Back Pain
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Irritability
  • Concentration Problem
  • Anger
  • Not Interested In Sex
  • Intoxication/Being Alcoholic

To Know More About 20 More Depression Symptoms, You Can Read This: Let’s Know About Symptoms Of Depression With Explanation.

Sushant Singh Rajput Case Study

First let us talk about Late Mr. Sushant Singh Rajput, who was a very hard-working actor. He must have seen many ups and downs in his life.
Sushant Singh Rajput belongs to a middle-class family.
Sushant Singh Rajput made his acting debut in TV Serial and after that, Sushant Singh Rajput did not stop, he stepped into Bollywood and showed Bollywood that if you try with all your heart and dedication, all is possible.
He earned a name, fame, and money in his life. They had a lot of luxurious things.

Mental-Health-Sushant Singh Rajput Commit Suicide Due To Depression - Fit Hut
Sushant Singh Rajput. Source : Google Image

But today Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide has become a mystery, no one is willing to believe that Sushant Singh Rajput can take such a big step due to depression.

There Is A Lot Of Question Due To Sushant Singh Rajput’s Suicide.

What are the real reasons behind Sushant Singh Rajput ending his life?
What are the biggest reasons behind Sushant Singh Rajput ending his life?

It has been reported that the actor was suffering from depression and was undergoing treatment for the last 6 months. Sushant Singh Rajput was last seen in the Netflix film Drive and also Nitesh Tiwari’s Chhichore a film that encouraged youngsters to look at the brighter side of life in trying times.

But recently, He missed his mother (more than before) his mom died when he was 16 years old and he needed his mom during depression time.

Sushant Singh Rajput was posting about stars, dark energy, his twitter cover picture is a painting by Vincent Van Gogh that he made in the asylum. According to some sources, he was depressed from the last 6 months and was under treatment.
Sushant Singh Rajput was taking help, was trying to restore his mind from religious help, and also from medical help.

His body was in Cooper hospital for post mortem. Wait for Sushant Singh Rajput’s report.

Don’t come to any conclusions right now!!!

Causes Of Depression

  • Postpartum Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Relationship Problems
  • Family problems
  • Education and Career Pressure
  • The Pressure To Live Up To The Expectations Of Parents

7 More Causes Of Depression To Know Read Also: What Is Depression- Main Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment?


  • Medications
  • Psychotherapy
  • Light Therapy
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Avoid The Consumption Of Alcohol And Drugs
  • Take Care Of Yourself
  • Learn How To Say No
  • Connect with Positive Thinking

To Read In details About Treatment Read This: Treatment For Depression: How It Works

Get Rid Of  Depression By Consuming These Foods

  • Yogurt
  • Almond
  • Berries
  • Apple
  • L-theanine 

You have to read this to know how to consume this food: Get Rid Of  Depression By Consuming These Foods


Whether he died because of depression or what, is still a mystery for all, but if it is the cause, you should learn from that. Depression is not the end of the world, it can be cured, all you need is to trust yourself, love yourself and, whenever you feel so heavy from inside, talk it out. It will surely help.

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