Not Comfortable Going To A Wedding Right Now? How To Politely Decline



Declining a marriage invite because the visitor is one factor, however deciding to not go if you’re part of the marriage is a complete different impediment. 

“Start by doing your research and getting informed,” Weiss says. “You should see what precautions are in place on the occasion. Get all of the info earlier than making your last determination.” 

Some {couples} might require all visitors to get COVID-19 checks previous to the marriage, and venues might implement social distancing, masks carrying, and temperature checks. If you’ve got completed the analysis and nonetheless do not feel comfy, it is higher to only be trustworthy. 

“Ultimately, this is about health, not friendship,” Weiss says. “If you’re in the wedding, then you’re close enough with that person to be forthright… This will be a difficult conversation, but you have to be honest and protect yourself however you feel most comfortable.” 


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