Put Down The Vegetable Oil: 7 Healthier Swaps To Use Instead



We’ve all been there: you’ve got discovered a recipe you completely love, however you are lacking an ingredient, or it is bought a type of less-than-optimal-for-health elements—like vegetable oil. Then it is time to go in search of an excellent substitute on the earth of healthier oils.

“There are many wonderful substitutes for vegetable oil,” shares chef, nutritionist and reiki grasp Serena Poon, CN, CHC, CHN, “which unfortunately tends to be highly processed and therefore lacking in nutrients.”

One of the primary attracts of vegetable oil is, in fact, its versatility—you will discover it in baking, cooking, or in recipes for do-it-yourself salad dressings: “My suggestions for healthier alternatives depend on what you are making,” explains Poon.


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