Ready? We’re About To Bust The Most Popular Myth About Zodiac Signs



“There is actually no such thing as cusps,” the twins say. Due to the way in which the Sun transitions from indicators, it isn’t potential to be beneath two on the similar time. There is an actual second when the change occurs.

Of course, that is to not say you’ll be able to’t have a mixture of traits from totally different indicators. After all, that is what your birth chart is all about. A Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp, for instance, may truly be a real Scorpio, however maybe their Venus is in Sagittarius. As far because the signal the Sun was beneath whereas transitioning from one to the subsequent, although, it is by no means beneath each.

“In order to know your Sun sign (and you only have one!),” the twins notice, “you need your exact minute of birth, along with your time and date.” (You can map your beginning chart with the twins’ useful natal chart generator if you have not already).

Sorry to burst your bubble in case you had been positive of your cusp identification, however once more, it does not imply you do not have that signal’s vitality some place else in your chart. But in the case of your Sun signal, there could be just one.


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