Sanitizing Makeup 101: Your Guide To Ensuring Your Products Stay Clean



Liquids sometimes have a water base to offer them a fluid consistency. This creates an issue insofar as water creates a breeding floor for micro organism and mould. And thus just a few further precautions must be taken with these types of merchandise. 

As a basic rule, all the time keep away from dipping fingers or used brushes into jars, as this may switch micro organism into the pot the place it may possibly develop and fester. 

“With liquid makeup or mascara, you can add a small amount of rubbing alcohol directly into the container or onto your applicator, but be careful—if you use too much it can change the texture of the product or irritate your skin or eyes,” she says. So begin with a really small quantity (a single drop), and whisk it in. You can all the time add extra in the event you really feel the scale of the jar warrants it, however you may by no means take away it in the event you really feel you have gone too far. 

Or, she has one other tip for utility: “If you’re worried about something like foundation being contaminated, put it on the back of your (clean) hand, very lightly spray with rubbing alcohol and let it dry, then apply as usual.” Don’t fear, you do not have to each time you are making use of basis—particularly in case you are simply utilizing your personal bottle and you haven’t any worry that it has been contaminated—solely if in case you have doubts and have to take further precautions. 


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