Scientists identify unique molecular signature in blood that can tell if you’ll get severe COVID-19 infection or not



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Identification of wholesome folks at excessive threat for severe COVID-19 is a worldwide well being precedence. Scientists at Nightingale Health investigated whether or not blood biomarkers measured by high-throughput metabolomics could possibly be predictive of severe pneumonia and COVID-19 hospitalization years after the blood sampling.

The researchers analyzed over 100,000 from the UK Biobank and recognized a selected molecular signature in the that’s widespread amongst individuals who get severe signs if contaminated by the coronavirus. Those with this molecular signature are 5 to 10 instances extra more likely to be hospitalized. These findings are novel, because the in the molecular signature have not been beforehand generally known as threat markers in wholesome folks for growing severe types of COVID-19.

This is the world’s largest metabolomic research so far and based mostly on the research’s findings Nightingale Health is quickly launching a blood take a look at that can predict if an individual will develop gentle signs or turn into severely unwell resulting from COVID-19. The take a look at can, subsequently, be used to identify individuals who’ll want particular precautions to keep away from infection and prioritize these in most want of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The best way to detect those at high risk is by looking at a molecular signature of multiple biomarkers. It is striking that the risk identification works well even when focusing on a subset of biomarkers in Nightingale’s that can be captured by self-collection through a finger-prick blood sample. These novel findings provide a scalable solution for personalized prevention and population-level screening, which can later also be used to prioritize vaccines for those who need it the most,” says Dr. Peter W├╝rtz, lead scientist of the research and Scientific Director of Nightingale Health.

Transferrin identified as potential contributor to COVID-19 severity

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Julkunen et al., Blood biomarker rating identifies people at excessive threat for severe COVID-19 a decade previous to analysis: metabolic profiling of 105,000 adults in the UK Biobank, (2020). DOI: 10.1101/2020.07.02.20143685

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Scientists identify unique molecular signature in blood that can tell if you’ll get severe COVID-19 infection or not (2020, August 10)
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