These 7 Genius Styling Tips Will Get You Shiny, Glossy Strands



On this be aware, something that may assist restore and seal the cuticle will allow you to get shiner hair. The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair strand, and it’s made up of tiny overlapping keratin fragments (the commonest analogy is shingles on a roof). When these lay flat, hair is much less frizzy, higher in a position to maintain in moisture, and seems shinier. When your cuticles are broken—be it from chemical processing, warmth styling or bodily harm—it may possibly make hair seem duller. 

“To understand damaged hair, it’s important to know how hair works. Most hair is made of three layers: the inner fiber called the medulla, the middle layer called the cortex, and an outer layer called the cuticle,” hairstylist Josh Rosebrook explains. “When hair becomes damaged, the cuticle raises, chips, becomes fragile, easily tangled, and loses moisture, luster, and the shine that’s created when the cuticle is flat and smooth.”

The concern, nevertheless, is that you could by no means actually restore harm—you possibly can solely minimize off the harm or use merchandise to assist decrease the looks. If your hair is shiny on the root, however will get progressively duller in direction of the underside, it might be an indication it’s time for a trim to snip off dead and split ends. If your harm seems allover (some folks simply have damage-prone hair; it occurs), you’ll need to take each precaution to keep away from worsening the problem, and use repair-specific merchandise, like protein-infused shampoos and conditioners.  


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