This Feature of Your Astro Chart Could Be More Telling Than Your Sign



According to the twins, in case you have a stellium in your natal chart, “it means that your energy will be concentrated in that area of life or theme.”

As an instance, Libra is the signal of relationships, the AstroTwins word. “If you have a stellium in Libra, you might find yourself worrying what others think a lot or focusing on partnerships at the expense of your solo pursuits.” If you had a stellium within the 10th home, which governs your life’s work, you may make your work the No. 1 precedence in your life.

Once you have recognized if and the place you have got a stellium(s), chances are you’ll discover it supplies explanations for sure tendencies or patterns in your life. “Knowing that you may skew heavily in that direction, you may want to consciously do things to balance it out,” the twins say. “Being aware of this cosmic concentration in your chart can help you proactively prioritize your own needs and projects as well.”

Understanding the meanings behind every particular person planet, signal, and home is usually a bit overwhelming, however you possibly can all the time seek the advice of an astrologer or take a look at mbg’s virtual class on astrology fundamentals for a extra complete understanding of what your indicators and stelliums may say about you.


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