Want Deeper Sleep & A Gentler Wake-Up? This Has Been Trusted For Centuries



Jujube has been used in China for at least 3,000 years. The fruit is a sort of drupe, which means it has an outer pores and skin, fleshy inside, and enormous internal seed, like a peach or cherry. They may be eaten contemporary or dried and seem like a date or massive raisin at first look.

“Jujube is a very commonly used Chinese date,” notes TCM knowledgeable and acupuncturist Scott Ling, LAc, M.A., Ph.D. “Its candy nature makes it good for nourishing the digestive system and the thoughts. Its pink wealthy shade makes it unbelievable for tonifying (rising the obtainable vitality of) the blood. These properties make it useful for treating sleep problems.”*

Indeed, research present jujube has “neuroprotective activities” and might help defend nerve cells from neurotoxin stress, help a wholesome reminiscence, and promote studying.* In phrases of sleep, the fruit has been proven to each improve sleep quality and improve daytime functioning.*

Traditionally, Ling notes jujube is usually utilized in TCM in an natural components referred to as bitter jujube decoction (or Suan Zao Ren Tang, 酸棗仁湯). It’s been used since as early as 210 C.E. and combines 5 medicinal Chinese herbs, together with suan zao ren (jujube seeds), fu ling, chuanxiong, zhimu, and gancao.


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