What Causes Crow’s Feet & Can You Prevent Them? 5 Tips, From Derms



It is sensible why individuals typically conflate the 2: “Skin biopsies from crow’s feet and fine lines from another part of the face would look very much the same,” says Ciraldo. But the phrases themselves do have their slight variations. For occasion, whereas each are inclined to crop up across the eye space, “crow’s feet” is a extra particular time period for these crinkled edges radiating out from the corners of the eyes. Fine strains, alternatively, can discuss with any type of wrinkled pores and skin—be it on the attention, brow, or décolletage. 

They may also differ in measurement: “Crow’s feet can be very thin, fine lines, or they can be very heavy and deep,” board-certified dermatologist Jeanine Downie, M.D., explains. Whereas positive strains are, nicely, positive. It’s frequent to make use of the 2 interchangeably (and it’s completely OK in case you do, says Downie); simply know that crow’s ft are a little bit extra particular anatomically.


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